Private Travel Solutions Broker

Benefits of Private Aircraft Charter Services: 

  • Efficiency– Fly direct to your destination. No routing through airport hubs, no long lines at the airport, no waiting for luggage and no shuttling to the car rental lot. You walk up to your aircraft when you are ready to go and your transportation is ready for you when you land.
    • You walk off the aircraft and on your way!
  • Convenience– We can utilize over 5,000 airports nationally, as we are not limited to the commercial airports. This saves you driving time to your final-destination.
    • Additionally, one stop shopping. Call us for all your charter needs. We have outstanding relationships with charter operators in the industry. We will find the right aircraft for you!

  • Time savings– You travel when you want. Efficiently travel.
  • Additionally, one phone call takes care of it all. You tell us your schedule and we will use our resources to customize your trip. Provide a few aircraft options to allow you to make the final decision. We then finalize the details and handle the logistics through.
  • Private– It is only you and your party in the aircraft. You are able to relax as well as have private conversations and meetings in the plane. Relax; take your coat off while traveling.
  • Safety– Most importantly. From the ground to the air and back to the ground, safety is big priority. I work with operators that abide by the standards of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and Department of Transportation (DOT). Operations with FAA are through FAR Part 135 On-Demand. (FAR –Federal Aviation Regulations).


Benefits of Using Gigi Instructive’s Independent Broker Service:

  • Network- Over 20 years in the aviation industry. Gigi is well-connected to operators nationally and well familiar with the process, systems, and logistics.
  • Commercially Multi-Engine Pilot– Gigi has experience with the logistics of flying.
  • Service– Gigi specializes in providing professionalism with efficiency and convenience.


With these traits, Gigi Instructive is able to provide you with information and service in an efficient professional manner. She understands that you are busy and don’t have hours to spend making your travel arrangements. Let us swift through the logistics, which will make it a streamline and efficient experience for you. Save you time shopping around, you do not have to handle the arrangements and communication with the operators. We know the drill and well-rehearsed with the industry that this makes logistics between both you and the operator easier. There are numerous details that we cover that you do not have to see which means you do not have to worry about them.


Gigi Instructive takes the load of your plate. Trust Gigi Instructive to work for you!


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Whether you are shopping for cost, luxury, speed, comfort, safety- Gigi Instructive can take care of your needs!

Gigi Instructive, LLC does not own or operate aircraft. Gigi Instructive is a liaison for their clients and the charter operators. The charter operators own and operate the aircraft that Gigi Instructive’s clients hire for transport. The operators carry license, certification and operate under the FAA and DOT. The operators exercise full operational control of all flights. Gigi Instructive acts solely as agent for their clients in arranging flights on their behalf.